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Bigfoot Water Rocket Launchers celebrates 15 years of engineering,
testing and refining state-of-the-art water rocketry.

Bigfoot Water Rocket Launchers are designed and machined by a mechanical engineer & professional machinist with over 40 years experience. With a reputation for continual improvement, our launch trigger just made a huge leap in water rocket launcher design. In addition, to meet the wide range of our customers' requests, Bigfoot Water Rocket Launchers searched for the strongest floor air pumps to sustain repeated water rocket launches at 100 psi. Now, bundled with the launcher, we make available the precision-crafted Lezyne CNC Floor Pump. At Bigfoot Water Rocket Launchers, "Quality is our Priority."

Why Launch Water Rockets

Studying Rocket Simulation creates interest in mathematics and science. It teaches numerous construction techniques. Water Rockets are fun, educational, and inexpensive. They are made from recycled plastic soda bottles. Just add water and air pressure, and propel them into the sky at 125 mph up to 500 feet high, or higher. Instant feedback quickly determines what works and what fails. Rocket construction can be fast, using adhesive tape, or more detailed, using accurate bottle sizing and special adhesives. This process of discovery provides, in Richard Feynman's words, "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgaw9qe7DEE Exceptional for elementary school students through university levels, Bigfoot Water Rocket Launchers are suitable for individuals, institutions, and corporations. Bigfoot Water Rocket Launchers are used by summer camps, church groups, YMCA, YWCA, Boy Scouts, and by Science Olympiad competitors, and major research universities. Spectators and participants all love watching water rockets blast off into the sky!

NASA talks Water Rockets

NASA's ALL ABOUT WATER ROCKETS cites, Teachers and students provide the following feedback to the Secondary Science Education Department at the University of Nebraska:
Middle grades students can manipulate and control variables, see their hypotheses verified or refuted, and graph their findings. High school students experience the nature of science at its best. They can document their abilities with the following concepts: inertia, gravity, air resistance, Isaac Newton's laws of motion, acceleration, relationships between work and energy or impulse and momentum, projectile motion, free fall calculations, internal and external ballistics, and the practice of true engineering.

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