12 Foot Hoses




12 Feet of hose separates the launcher and pressurized rocket from people.


Two quality rubber hoses professionally crimped with brass ferrules onto a brass barb fitting connect permanently to the launcher conduit. 

AIR PRESSURE  The hose with the male Schrader Tire Valve stem, common on bicycle pumps, and air compressors connects to air pressure source. If you accidentally overfill the AIR PRESSURE, you can use the 3-Port Ball Valve to exhaust the unwanted AIR and to lower the AIR PRESSURE in the rocket to the desired pressure. 

WATER PRESSURE  If WATER IS NEARBY, use the hose end with the a 3-Port Ball Valve and a Garden Hose connector to connect to water source. The 3-Port Brass Ball Valve adds magic to the Bigfoot Water Rocket Launcher. When water is available, connect the garden hose to the launcher's brass female garden hose fitting. Turn the lever on the Ball Valve to point towards the garden hose. Water will flow into the water rocket. Turn the lever 90 degrees to stop water flow. If you accidentally overfill the rocket, turn the lever to the port marketed OPEN on the ball valve. This will exhaust unwanted water out of the rocket through the open port.

If NO WATER IS AVAILABLE, shut off this water fill hose using either the 3-Port Bass Ball Valve on the hose, or using the Brass Manifold on the launcher (turn red knob in counter-clockwise rotation).
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