Diverting Valve


THE 3 WAY DIVERTING VALVE adds magicical adjustability to the Bigfoot Water Rocket Launcher.

When water is available, connect the garden hose to the launcher's brass female garden hose fitting. Turn the lever on the Ball Valve pointing towards the garden hose. Water will flow into the water rocket. Turn the lever 90 degrees to stop water flow. If you accidentally overfilled the rocket, turn the lever towards the OPEN port on the ball valve. This will exhaust unwanted water out of the rocket through the open port.CONVENIENT FEATUE - ADDING NOSE WEIGHT  Use the diverting valve as a water source. Adding water to the nose of the water rocket can be accomplished by turning the handle of the diverting valve towards the open port. Water will flow out of the already water filled rocket into the nose cone of the rocket.

Another handy feature is that when you pressurize with AIR and you accidentally overfill the pressure, you can use this same diverting valve to exhaust the unwanted AIR and lower the pressure in the rocket to the desired pressure.

The manufacture certified this valve as "BUBBLE TIGHT", which means it will not leak under pressure.

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