1. Drain water from top bottle.
  2. Hand Drill & bits.
  3. Drill bit guide.
  4. Drill through bottle bottoms and glue.


Drain water from bottle. Now, it's time to drill the hole between the two bottles. I use a 3/8" electric hand drill, with a 12" long extention, and a 3/8" drill bit.

In this picture you will also see a white pipe. This is a 16" long section of Schedule 40 PVC pipe. This will be used as a "drill guide". It will protect the inside walls of the neck from getting scratched & will aid to center the drill bit when drilling the hole. 


This is a close up view of the 3/8" drill bit which is connected to the 12" long extension. This drill bit has a reduced shank which is only 1/4" in diameter to fit inside the hole of the extension. 


The "drill guide" (the 16" long section of Schedule 40 PVC pipe) is first inserted into the bottle, followed with the drill bit.


The drill will be going through the center of the first bottle, then through a layer of cured PL Premium adhesive, and finally through the next bottle. Make sure you spin the drill bit in the hole to clear out a 3/8" hole.

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